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When it comes to media spending,
how can you be sure you are getting what you paid for?

Are you watching every aired commercial, timing every radio spot, and searching for every print ad to make sure your contract has been honored?

Monitoring ad placement, sifting through each bill and contract, and trying to put a value on every discrepancy is not only tedious and complicated, but it's also expensive.

What if a software tool existed to consolidate all of this information and present it to you in a reliable, easy-to-read interface?

As an impartial third-party entity, Authentic Ad determines which media outlets are over-delivering and which are under-delivering.

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Authentic Ad is a full service cross-media advertisement tracker. We provide you with accurate, up-to-date reports on the delivery of your ads, and we synthesize that data with your media spending contract to verify that all your expectations have been met.

Our cutting edge, proprietary software is the ideal reporting tool providing consistent and reliable data for advertisers, co-ops, and media outlets.

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