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About Authentic Ad

Authentic Ad is comprised of an elite team of engineers, developers, and analysts dedicated to providing accurate media verification when it comes to ad placement. We offer reliable, progressive solutions to companies across the country as they seek to streamline and optimize their media spending campaigns.

Our services and acclaimed, cutting edge technology are of mutual benefit to both advertisers and media outlets. As a third-party entity, we offer impartial reporting, so that advertisers and co-ops can rest assured their media buys are being tracked and delivered according to their expectations, and so media outlets can provide accountability and credibility when it matters most.

With Authentic Ad at your service, you now can see exactly if, when, and where each ad ran, and whether it was worth it for your company.

At Authentic Ad Our Philosophy Is Simple

1 Advertisers deserve third-party media verification so they can be guaranteed their messages are always reaching the correct audiences at the correct times.
2 Any discrepancy between ads ordered and ads received should be transparent and given its fair value.
3 Companies save valuable time, energy, and revenue by outsourcing their ad placement auditing to a reliable, progressive media verification service.
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