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Advertisers, media outlets, and co-op programs across the country rely on our reporting tools and services as they seek to audit their ad placements and maximize their revenue. As a leading authority on media verification, Authentic Ad is dedicated to providing our clients with features that streamline and optimize their media tracking experience wether for the advertiser, the media outlet, or the co-op program.

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Honest evaluation of media spending with impartial, third-party reporting.

Reliable, up-to-date reports allow you to proactively manage your media spending on the fly.

Streamlined auditing with watermarking and digital archiving of all invoices, with instant access on our secure server.

Ad-Dash integrates with FedEx's courier system, enabling expedient and carefree shipping for your print campaign.

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Offer advertisers true credibility and accountability with third-party media verification.

Oversight on your networks, stations, and publications as they schedule ad placements and build relationships with advertisers.

Learn how to over-deliver in a prudent way, so that advertisers continue to make your company their media outlet of choice.

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Verify every advertisement to confirm that you're receiving exactly what you ordered.

Oversee the media spending decisions of your distributors, and hold them accountable for their ad buys.

Save valuable time, manpower, & revenue by outsourcing your media verification to Authentic Ad.