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Advertiser Control

Advertisers often assume that once their ads have been produced and their ad real estate purchased, they must relinquish control, strategy, and oversight. At Authentic Ad, we believe this mindset abandons the overall investment in your ads during the final and most crucial step of the campaign process. In order for you to be a competitive advertiser in this industry, it is vital that you verify your ads to ensure they are always running as per your expectations.

arrowChart Reliable, up-to-date reports allow you to proactively manage your media spending on the fly and seek make-goods promptly, so your campaign does not suffer from mis-run ads.
arrows Gauge over-delivery and under-delivery, so you can invest your loyalty and ad dollars in the media outlets that best serve your needs.
pencilDoc Streamlined auditing with watermarking and digital archiving of all invoices, for instant access on our secure server.

Third Party Reporting

Authentic Ad provides you with the impartial third-party reporting that you deserve. Often, media outlets can seem to be delivering your ads in keeping with your contract, but your ads are not receiving fair rotation on TV, or they're airing on radio when nobody's listening, or their page placement in a magazine is consistently disappointing. With Authentic Ad working for you, you can always confirm that your contracts are honored, and ensure that your messages are reaching the right audiences at the right times.

speakSuit Achieve honest evaluation of media spending with impartial, third-party reporting.
gavel Determine fair rotation is being granted on your TV, radio, or print ads.
money Know the "real" net value of discrepancies between ads ordered and ads received to save valuable ad dollars throughout your campaign.


Authentic Ad's easy-to-read interface enables you to view your ad placement reports throughout your campaign, so that you can determine which media outlets are over-delivering and which are under-delivering. With our top-shelf reporting tools and services at your command, you can now sharpen your media spending strategies in a way that serves your advertising needs and maximizes your ROI.

joystick All print ads will be watermarked in a high-res PDF format, and digitally catalogued in an organized portfolio for your convenience and accessibility.
envelope Ad-Dash integrates with FedEx's courier system, granting you an Authentic Ad address and enabling expedient, carefree shipping for your print campaign.
certified Receive a final media verification report evaluating your entire campaign, so that you may improve buy strategies for subsequent campaigns.
pie Supplement your reports with additional evaluation and analysis, or receive full-service consultation from our esteemed partnering firm.
screen Email alerts inform you of the latest reports as each campaign develops.