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icon Not only will Authentic Ad provide you with ongoing reports of your media verifications throughout the time span of your contracts, but we will also conclude your campaign with a final report, summarizing the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your ad purchases with regards to each media outlet.

Supplementary Support

icon If you select a plan with additional analysis, our team at Authentic Ad will gladly provide you with supplementary support. Along with each media verification report, we will include a summarized analysis of the "actual" worth of your media buys, as we examine them against the ad placements you received. Once your campaign has ended, and the duration of your contract has expired, our team will supplement your final report with an overall analysis of your campaign, so that you may sharpen your strategies for future media spending.

Full Service Consultation

icon If your company would prefer full-service consultation, with personal analysis and recommendations throughout your entire advertising campaign, we would be happy to introduce you to our partnered consultation firm at no cost.