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Co-op Programs

As a co-op administrator, it is paramount that you not only ensure your distributors are making the right decisions when buying ad real estate, but that their ad buys are actually being executed and delivered in a way that is advantageous to your business. Outsourcing your media verification to Authentic Ad enables you to achieve optimum oversight and accountability over both your distributors and their media outlets, so that each and every ad dollar spent is justified. With Authentic Ad's reporting tools at your service, you can rest assured your media spending is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

checkDoc Verify each and every advertisement to confirm that you're receiving exactly what you ordered.
suit Oversee the media spending decisions of your distributors, and hold them accountable for their ad buys.
barChart Evaluate the under-delivery and over-delivery of each ad to determine which media outlets deserve your co-op ad dollars.
clock Save valuable time, manpower, and revenue by outsourcing your media verification to Authentic Ad.