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How it Works

Our cutting-edge, media verification software is a proprietary tool auto-customized to your specific campaign. It ensures the media verification of each and every ad, so you can be guaranteed that your ads have been running according to your contract.

Inevitably, due to time constraints, ad volume, or priorities, your media buys are not always delivered as you ordered them. In these cases, our unique software goes the extra mile for your campaign, putting a "real" value on the discrepancies between ads ordered and ads received. We calculate this value based on our clients expectations, not based on the actual cost of the ad. This allows you to see whether your media outlets are over-delivering or under-delivering, and what each delivery gap costs your company in ad dollars. After all, it's easy to see what you paid. The question is, did you actually get what you paid for?

1 Authentic Ad begins by soliciting ad placement logs from each of your media outlets on an ongoing basis.
two Our software then harnesses the data from each TV network, radio station, or print publication, and consolidates it into a report that addresses each and every one of your ads from that media outlet.
three Then Authentic Ad technology tracks the actual ad placements against your contract, and computes the net gain or loss of each ad in media dollars.
four All of this vital data is presented to you in a series of ongoing reports, and in an easy-to-read format for your analysis.
five Finally, all of your invoices will be watermarked and digitally archived within your secure online account.
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Every report in your campaign will be available for you on our secure server so that you can conveniently access your media verifications wherever and whenever you wish. In addition, we will send you email alerts as your campaign progresses and as relevant data becomes available.