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Media Outlets

More and more advertisers are auditing their media buys, to ensure proper delivery of their ads. So, why not offer this service as a media outlet? Authentic Ad will prove that you are dedicated to accurate deliveries and whenever there is an inevitable discrepancy you can promise make-goods. If you're consistently under-delivering on ad placements, your advertisers will seek to spend their media dollars elsewhere. With Authentic Ad at your command, you can now offer credible and cost-effective ad placement, over-delivery when possible, instill your clients with a sense of loyalty, and catapult your revenue and your reputation above those of your competitors.

hands Offer advertisers true credibility and accountability with third-party media verification.
calc Provide make-goods for your clients when your media outlet has under-delivered.
suit Achieve oversight on your networks, stations, and publications as they schedule ad placements and build relationships with advertisers.
checkDoc Verify claims by advertisers that your media outlet has failed to deliver in a fair or correct manner.
monument Learn how to over-deliver in a prudent way, so that advertisers continue to make your company their media outlet of choice.