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Authentic Ad's intuitive software application is the ultimate proprietary tool for media verification. Our cutting-edge programmers developed an advanced technology that is able to harness and consolidate detailed ad placement information from media outlet logs, synthesize the buy vs. received data according to your contracts, and then present up-to-date delivery results for you in a secure and easy-to-read interface. This acclaimed program, built on a series of complex algorithms, puts a "real" value on your media buys, and mathematically determines whether the actual ad placements were worth the money you invested. In other words, Authentic Ad's technology values each ad placement based on what you deserve, as opposed to what you actually received.


Authentic Ad has developed other advanced technologies as supplementary tools for this software, such as watermarking and cataloguing your print ads, digitally archiving all PDF images and invoices, and hosting an ultra-secure server for your convenience and protection. Our Ad-Dash application was engineered to integrate seamlessly with FedEx's scan system, so that all your shipping and receiving needs are pre-arranged and pre-paid for the duration of your contract.

watermark catalog archive secure fedex
Watermarking Cataloging Archiving Secure Server Fedex Integrated

Future Development

As a leading authority on media verification and auditing, it is our responsibility to remain on the forefront of the advertising industry, and pioneer new technologies for the benefit of our clients. Our team at Authentic Ad will continue to develop cutting-edge software tools designed to ensure that your media verification process is more streamlined and convenient than you every thought possible.

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